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Currently MegaPortal offers for registered users:
MegaBox for link and message sharing (visible to all logged users)
• 1GB space for file uploads (private and/or public)
• Unlimited public image uploads

Without registration is also possible to use:
Youtube Downloader
Password generator
Shorts (Read only)

Requestable with email (
• Nextcloud
• Matrix

Admin can be contacted via email


Update 17.01.21
Shorts! messageboard released!

Update 27.10.20
CS:GO-server. 24h demolition-maps with short roundtimes.

Update 24.10.20
Password change and account deletion now possible from profile-page.

Update 04.09.20
File uploads fixed.

Update 31.08.20
Index updated

Update 01.08.20
Links in MegaBox are now clickable.
It is now possible to share files as hidden (sharing only with url).
Public files now listed and visible for all on files-page

Update 30.07.20
File uploader now checks files for infections.

Update 28.07.20
files.php released. Users can now upload 1 gigabytes of files for private or public use.
Some bug and security updates.

Update 24.07.20
Some bug and security fixes to Youtube Downloader.

Update 22.07.20
Youtube Downloader (Beta) released.

Update 20.07.20
Migrating to new server. This might take a while. Some things might or might not work.
Webmail software changed and can now be accessed from
Some updates to menu and MegaBox.

Update 18.07.20
It is now possible to add text to profile.
More secure registration.
Deleteted accounts

Update 03.08.19
PassuGen released.

Update 21.11.18
02:33 Updated servers-page.
02:01 Account creation fixed.
Other small updates.
01:06 Paste moved to Tools-page.
Mobile version is now accessible also from

Update 18.11.18
20:50 Updated server information.
13:56 Now its possible to login from mobile pages.
13:36 MegaBox uses now MySQL and has new layout.
Security fixes to avatar upload.
Some other small updates.

Update 13.11.18
19:25 Mobile version released.

Update 10.11.18
10:15 Now it is possible to sort images alphabetically a-z/z-a or by time newest/oldest first.
By default images are sort by time newest first.
10:00 Images will now appear newest on top.

Update 22.10.18
09:05 Updated server information.
08:44 Lastest image in index is now showing up in correct size. (except on ie where picture is huge :D)

Update 21.10.18
Paste released.

Update 06.10.18
Latest image is showing up in index.

Update 16.09.18
Hasher released.

Update 19.07.18
Installed SquirrelMail.
Now is possible to upload avatar.
Other small updates.

Update 01.05.18
MegaBox released.
Alpha version of login and accounts released.
Alpha version of image uploader and viewer released.
Some other small updates.
Lastest image
latest image